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Most people have video surveillance systems installed for one main reason– security. While improving your security is certainly an important goal, and video surveillance most definitely contributes significantly to that goal, it does have additional uses and advantages that can improve life. Here are just a handful of those ways.

Creative Uses for Commercial Video Surveillance

If you are a business owner or manager, you likely have security cameras placed around the property to keep it safe and secure. With the capabilities of today’s cameras, however, they can play a much more important and fundamental role in daily operations.

  • Replace Security Guards. If you use standing security guards at the door or guards to patrol the property, the right security cameras placed strategically can provide the same kind of oversight and deterrence. This can eliminate the high cost of additional personnel.
  • Remote Oversight. As a business owner, it can be difficult to ever get away even to take care of small local tasks. Video security systems can help provide a continuous, real-time window into business operations. If anything goes awry, you can call in and address the issue immediately.
  • Test and Measure Process and Procedures. The real test of how well a business is run is how well it runs when you are not on the property. Are the employees polite and attentive to customers? How much time is getting wasted? Are products optimally placed? Is the set-up contributing to things like shoplifting?
  • Settle Disputes. You can’t be everywhere at once and video surveillance can provide enough information to settle disputes between employees and customers.
  • Monitor deliveries. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to be on the premises for every after-hours delivery? Just monitor it all remotely from your phone!
  • Live Cam Footage. Some jobs involve some really interesting processes that others may be interested in following remotely. Build a following with live cam footage!

Creative Uses for Residential Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are a time-tested crime deterrent, keeping everything from burglary to vandalism at bay. But there are some additional uses for security cameras that can make life not just safer, but more convenient and fun.

  • Monitor children at play. You might be at work in your home office but you can still keep a close eye on the kids in the backyard by using video surveillance.
  • Keep an eye on the teens. Head chaos off at the pass, even if you are not home by tuning in remotely.
  • Watch pets when you aren’t home. Ever wonder what goes on when you aren’t at home? Who is stealing the treats or getting in the trash? Now you can know!
  • Give family access to live footage. Your family may not live nearby but you can give them a glimpse of life at home via live feed!
  • Create video diaries. Save clips throughout the year to create a live video journal.

Video surveillance is great for preventing crime and aiding in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals, but they can also be a lot of fun. If you’d like information about security systems, give Advantage Systems Group a call!

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