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Why You Need Threat Intelligence

While it sounds like something for large, high-security corporations, every business needs threat intelligence. What is threat intelligence? It is evidence-based knowledge regarding the mechanisms and indicators of an event that can be used to make an informed decision regarding a response to that or future events. Usually, this intelligence is gained from physical security tools such as video surveillance and analytics. 

Threat intelligence is the information extracted about the facility and events to prevent future events. Its purpose is to motivate action and enhance the overall security plan. Here are some important reasons why you need it. 

Demonstrates Duty of Care

Every business has a moral and legal obligation to reasonably ensure a safe work environment for their employees. This is called “duty of care”. As security and other technologies advance, what is considered “reasonable” can change but always demands that company executives make sound decisions and take reasonable precautions to minimize risks. If the duty of care is not demonstrated – a threat exists that was foreseeable and endangers the well-being of employees or business assets, or causes damage to physical assets (buildings and equipment), information (electronics and paper data), and processes (supply chains) – the result could be legal proceedings, reputational damage, and financial losses.

Reduces Security Incidents

Every security event provides an opportunity to gain information helpful in preventing future events. It provides historical and real-time data, such as times most incidents happen, or mechanisms causing incidents, or even indicators of future events. This information is useful in making decisions critical in reducing incidents. 

It Provides a Big Picture

Looking at your security information as intelligence provides a big picture that you might miss otherwise. When you mine the entire scene, you learn about everything that plays into events, players you may not have considered and more. 

It Helps Direct Security Spending

There are few businesses with unlimited security budgets. Security intelligence provides the information you need to aid in making wise decisions so that you can first address problems with solutions you already own and fill in the gaps where they exist. 

Knowledge is nothing without applying it. Be wise and get the knowledge you need to improve your business. Call Advantage Systems Group today to learn more!

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