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If you are interested in home security products, your primary focus is likely protecting your home and family. While enhanced protection is a key advantage to home security products, there are many additional ways they can benefit your life. The key to getting the most out of your systems is to think beyond the most common uses and use the system features as a tool to master other facets of your life.

Are You a Caregiver?

Whether you have kids at home, elderly parents, run a daycare, or provide care in some other way, home security and automation features can do much more than keep the kids out of the medicine cabinet. Here are just a few of the many ways.

  • Use a video doorbell to manage visitors without having to stop or take your eyes off the kids.
  • See the kids get home, even if you are not there.
  • Use motion sensors to know if your parents are up and getting around
  • Contact sensors can keep people out of harm’s way, but they can also provide assurance, too, such as letting you know they are opening the refrigerator to eat.
  • Setting up unique codes and alerts can let you know that everyone made it home safely.
  • Motion sensors can help indicate activity or a lack of it, such as opening a cleaning closet can indicate chores are getting done (maybe).
  • Video surveillance systems can help those at home alone feel more secure and give you a window into activity.
  • Are the kids going in and out of the house leaving the door open? Turn the AC off remotely!
  • Control lights, temperature, and sound for those with health or sensitivity concerns.

Do You Need to Boost Productivity?

Who doesn’t want an easy way to become more productive? Here are some great ways to use the home security and automation tools you have to make it happen.

  • Use lighting, temperature, and other controls to help you fall asleep and wake refreshed and motivate you to get up and going
  • Have the day already started with enabled appliances taking the lead
  • Use playlists to compliment tasks
  • Use sensors and alerts to prompt you to stay focused on what really needs to be done, and allow you to see where you might waste time
  • Set productivity timers by automatically shutting down a particular work area
  • Limit distractions by answering the door from your desk, or set the doorbell on silent
  • Use lighting to cue activity, such as lights on and off to signal family members to clean their rooms, or turn off electronics.
  • Check the video surveillance feed to make sure the kids are getting their homework or chores done.

With today’s security and automation technologies, the possibilities are limitless. Have questions? Don’t wait to find out more! Call us today!

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