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One of the considerations in any video surveillance system is deciding which video surveillance cameras to use to meet your specific security needs. There are many different types of cameras sharing similar specs, so it is easy to assume that all of them can accomplish the same task equally. While the differences may be small, they can equal a huge difference in performance in your application.


Dome cameras are one of the most popular camera choices today, particularly (but not exclusively) in commercial applications. This type of camera can be ceiling mounted or suspended from a wall mounted bracket depending on the field of view required for the application. The camera unit is mounted inside a transparent dome which is usually tinted to obscure the camera position. Here are some of the top advantages of using dome cameras in your security strategy.


Dome cameras come in a wide variety of forms. They can be analog or IP, fixed or mobile. This allows you to use them in a wide range of applications.

Large Field of View

PTZ domes can rotate (pan), incline (tilt) or focus closer on objects of interest (zoom). Depending on the mounting location, dome PTZ cameras can cover a 360° area. This can allow you to use fewer cameras to cover an area.

Motion Tracking

Some dome cameras offer built-in motion tracking which can be set to detect motion and track suspicious movement. Coupled with the large field of view, this makes this security camera an excellent choice.


Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications, dome cameras are extremely durable and manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Vandal Resistant

The dome offers more than a sleek design. It also helps protect the camera from vandalism or rough handling. These cameras are relatively hardened against being manually removed by burglars or intruders.

Tinted Dome

Tinted domes mean that people cannot tell which way the camera is facing and assume it is always facing them. This gives you an added advantage in security.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Dome cameras are sleek, discreet and low profile. This makes them perfect to use where you want video surveillance coverage, but want to retain an aesthetic atmosphere.



You have many options in video surveillance cameras. If you need help decoding your options and attaining your physical security goals, call Advantage Systems Group today. We’ve been one of the Midwest’s leading custom electronics design and installation companies since 1970.

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