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Whether you run a small business on the outskirts or an upscale shop downtown, small businesses have big security concerns. In fact, small businesses are often prime targets for criminals because it is often assumed that small businesses fail to employ basic security measures. All too often, the assumption is true.

Small Businesses Fail to Think Big

Many small businesses fail to make security a serious priority because they believe that they are not a viable target because they are a small operation and that the ratio of risk is too high for the reward. Unfortunately, it is this belief that makes their business so attractive. Criminals love small businesses because:

  • They are less likely to have adequate security systems
  • They are more likely to have taken a DIY approach, if security measures exist
  • Small businesses are less likely to have monitored video surveillance
  • Small businesses are often located among other small businesses with a similar lack of security
  • The business likely lacks in other areas such as proper lighting or adequate locks

Most Valuable Tips For Small Business Security

With the increased frequency and sophistication of all crimes, it is more important than ever for business owners to protect their businesses from crimes like theft, shoplifting, fraud, vandalism, and violent acts. It is easy to think that crime happens only to the bigger establishments, but small businesses have a lot to lose. That’s why these tips are so important.

  • Have a professional evaluate your security risks and needs. A professional understands the security climate, and more importantly, has a vast knowledge of the technologies used to address those needs.
  • Install an intrusion detection system.
  • Utilize visible video surveillance both indoors and out, covering forgotten areas such as parking and back entrances. Video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your business and operations 24/7, even while you are away.
  • Use some form of access control to secure critical areas. Access control eliminates problems such as having to rekey the building when you have a change in staffing.
  • Protect the business and employees with smoke, fire, and CO2 detection and alarms.
  • Opt-in to professional monitoring to help facilitate a swift emergency response. In an emergency, every second counts! A fire, for example, can consume a building in less than 10 minutes.
  • Consider your operations from the perspective of a potential criminal. Evaluate what practices and procedures you might change. Ask key questions such as when are the employees most vulnerable? When is the business least secure? What crimes do similar businesses frequently face?
  • Make sure the property is well-lit and free of hazards.
  • Make security a priority. There is a vast array of affordable and highly effective security tools available today, making security technologies just as accessible to the small business as to the large enterprise. Implement the tools and make security part of your small business culture.

Following these tips will help minimize your small business security risks significantly. As a business owner, running a successful business is your top priority. Protecting it is ours. If you have questions about your options in security systems, contact us today!

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