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Just Google “alarm systems WI” or “alarm systems MN” and you’ll see — in physical security, you have a lot of choices in security system providers. You may even be able to get similar products from different providers, but that doesn’t mean you’ll receive the same experience or system outcome working with them. 

So how do you choose one provider over another? It is valuable to have a metric against which you can measure each company to see if they are the right fit. Start with this list to analyze your potential commercial or residential security partner.

Is the Company Licensed In Your State

It may seem simple, but it is a detail you do not want to overlook. Before you consider anything else, make sure the company is licensed to do business in your state. 

Is the Company a Member of Reputable Associations

Another consideration is whether or not the company is a member of any reputable industry organizations. Memberships such as these show a willingness to abide within industry standards.

How Experienced is the Company

In the security industry, experience makes a huge difference in the system outcome. That experience can be gained in time or over a greater expense of customers. Find out if the provider has experience in similar scenarios. 

What Technologies Does the Company Offer?

While all companies may offer the same service, such as video surveillance, not all may offer technologies with the same capabilities. It is important to find out about the manufacturers and the scope of technologies offered by each company. The broader the scope, the better able they will be to service your company with precision. 

What are the Specific Capabilities and Limitations of Products

It is important that the service provider be able to provide details of the capabilities and limitations of the offered technologies. This will seriously impact the ability to optimize your security system to meet your security goals. 

Does the Security Provider Offer All the Services You Need

Streamlining services through one provider makes security partnership far easier. 

What is the Company’s Service and Support Ability

No one can afford to have their security system out of commission. Ask about service and support capabilities, wait times, and whether the company has inventory on hand to meet service needs. 

Finding a security company is not just about finding the right price. Service, support, experience, and technological scope all matter to the outcome of your system. Since 1970, Advantage Systems Group has built a reputation for delivering quality, innovation, and professionalism. If you have questions about how to meet your security system needs, call us today!

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