Home Video/Theater


Rock or Relax in your Home Theater or Family Room Great Picture, Great Sound, and Great Service. What more could you want? Are you ready for the High-Def revolution? We Know HDTV!


A 50″ Panasonic plasma is built with one thing in mind…pure watching enjoyment.  It has a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p HD, Real Black Drive system, HDMI inputs, 160 degree viewing, and 3D Color. This means crystal clear imaging, spotless viewing, and eye-popping contrast. Have it installed almost anywhere in your house and get a life-like picture…where skin looks like skin, grass is green, and the sky is always blue.




Looks complicated, but all the rough stuff gets figured out by us. All you need to know is that when we are done you’ll be able to just press a button or two and the right sound will instantly start coming through the air around you.



When we wall mount these speakers in pairs, we pick out the locations in your room for a perfectly balanced sound.  They can be painted to match most colors or hide behind your Big Screen.