Home Audio

icsstuffSome days you want to rock, others you need to relax.  We create the atmosphere you want in the room you are in. 

How do we do it?  By an audio/video network that links multiple sources to multiple outputs, sending music, sound, and television signals to any room in your home.  Imagine hearing your iPod, Sirius, XM Radio, or your favorite CD–from anywhere in your home! 

How do you do it?  Walk in, press a button on the wall, or use your remote, then sit down, and enjoy. Simple. Fast. Crystal clear sound.



How about that iPod you carry everywhere?  If you have ever wished you could listen to your collection of digital music in your house without a computer, your dreams have come true!  We have the technology to connect your iPod to your new, or existing, whole-house sound system, so that you can listen to any of your music, in any room, at any time.  Controlling it or finding a new song?  Easy.